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Please be aware that we use images of an adult nature and anyone visiting this blog needs to be aware of this. Please also note that we are not here to offend or upset anyone we just felt that these types of images get less exposure than the cutesy images and wanted to help the talented artists get their images out there. We understand and respect that this may not be to everyone's taste. For those of you that do love them Have fun with us!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Exciting New Challenges

Hi and Welcome to this exciting new blog.

It will be a blog dedicated to the Sexier/Darker/Goth type images as we feel they get less exposure as the cutesy images.

Cute Images will be allowed so you can enter using cute witches/vampires but definitely no cutesy bunnies allowed in this blog (unless they are vampire bunnies lol!)

This challenge goes live on 3rd May and is a Monthly Challenge and the theme is Anything Goes as long as its Dark/Sexy/Goth etc  (you get the idea!!)

We have a very talented team and some great sponsors so please come on over and follow the blog so that you don't miss out.




  1. So pleased you are sponsoring us xxxxxx

  2. Hi, fantastic there's another dark challenge blog. Wishing you all the best to for your launch.

    Hugs Erin

  3. Great to see another darker side blog pop up, tried to contact you but the button on the side does not seem to be working :( my blog is and my facebook page is ( you will need to pop into the photo albums to see my cards and notebooks as there are a lot of crochet projects on my timeline :) xxx